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International Cassiopeia Projects

Projects from Cassies for Cassies

International TVXQ Cassiopeia Project
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Projects made by Cassies for Cassies

International Cassiopeia Projects


This is a community for all Cassiopeia alike. We're trying to put together projects to allow us to show our support for TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki.

For this comm, there is only but a few rules to follow:

- DO NOT bash DBSK

- Keep it CLEAN (definition: DO NOT post nonsense - spammage is NOT welcomed)

- Ideas may be posted via user. However they will be collected in the "Idea Bank" by mods.

- Quotes go into "Passionable Quotes" and mods will update the entry

- Finished designs can be posted via user. However these rules must be followed:
- Original design should be sent to mods via PM or emails
- The design will be gathered in the "Beautiful Thing" entry by mods.
- MUST be tagged as "Finished Design"

- If you need feedback on an unfinished design (ONLY unfinished designs) then follow these rules:
- MUST be tagged as "Unfinished Design"
- The subject line must say [Unfinished Design]

- Pre-orders will be posted by mods.

Other than these rules, you are allowed to run free <3