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International Cassiopeia Projects
Projects from Cassies for Cassies
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4th-Feb-2011 02:37 pm - [Project] BooJaeDay - List of videos
Here's the list of the people who sent in videos for BooJaeDay! 

Notify me if anything is wrong :)

Alyssa (Wisconsin)
Annie (Florida)
Brenda (California)
Brittany, Annie, Karen, Lynna, Linda (California)
Chaeyoung (Singapore)
Christie (Finland)
Crissy (Georgia)
Debra, Bethany, Diana (Canada)
Diana (California)
Diana (Canada)
Hachi (Mexico)
Jackie (New York)
Jami (Florida)
Joanne (Philippines)
Kalila (Michigan)
Karen (Philippines)
Kc & Buki (Washington)
Laks (New York)
Lan (Finland)
Lily (California)
Meimi (California)
Nurul (Malaysia)
Rinmi (Georgia)
Sheetal (Canada)
Shiling (New York)
Si Hui & Ellialyn (Singapore)
Starlette (Texas)
Suphita (New York)
Taki (California)
Tracey (USA)
Zef (New York)
NYC Cassies
Carolina + ???  (Peru)
I just wanted to make an update since I've been getting emails and comments about the project.

All orders for US have been shipped out. If I had your email address (which I should have if you ordered) then USPS should have sent you an email with the tracking numbers a few weeks ago when I bought the labels. Please check those tracking numbers to see where your package is.

As for international orders, I've already started writing out the Custom forms. I'm going to start shipping the boxes out in increments in ten soon. I'll email those whose packages have been sent out so look out for your email! Please check both your old and new emails since I might not have changed your email unless you emailed me directly.

Sorry for the wait everyone! School started again last week so I'm trying to send these packages as fast as I can >.>; They're taking a while to pack since I'm doing it by myself mm.

Thanks for your patience

-- Jackie
Cassies → Classy
 We mentioned in our previous post that we were gearing up in preparation for our next Gifts for JYJ project! Well, we need YOUR HELP to suggest gifts for the boys!

Please comment below with an idea or link to an item you think might suit a member of JYJ ^^

Also, just because you post an item, doesn't mean we're going to purchase it for the boys. ^^ So please don't be upset if you don't see your item in the final update.

Thank you all, and don't forget to spread the word, and please donate if you can! ^^

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19th-Jan-2011 12:43 am - [Project] Gifts for JYJ
Cassies → Classy
It's that time again!

Last year at the JYJ World Showcase Tour, JYJ announced that they would be coming back to the US in early 2011! Therefore, we wanted to get a head start in collecting donations for our next project: Gifts for JYJ!

As most of you know, fanclubs like to give wonderful gifts to the boys whenever they can, as a way of showing our gratitude for all of their hard work and dedication to both their music and fans. Thanks to you all, last year at the JYJ Showcase in New York City, International Cassiopeia Projects was able to present many, many amazing gifts to the boys, some of which we've already seen them wear

Well this year, it's time to kick it up a notch! *runs away before she gets stabbed for her cheesy-ness ;___;*

In a similar manner to last year, we're going to be presenting each member a full outfit with a few knick-knacks (a "personal" item for each member, as well as gifts for their pets! I'm looking at you, Jaejoong.) on the side!

However, this year, if our finances allow it, we would like to include JYJ's staff in the gift-giving as well! Many fanclubs throughout Asia provide food and presents for managers, dancers, stylists, etc., and we would like to welcome them back to the US and thank them for all of their hard work by doing the same! That's why we're going to be delivering lunch boxes with Korean food and snacks for members of the JYJ staff.

Please donate using the Paypal button below (to: IntlCassieProject@gmail.com), or email us at IntlCassieProject@gmail.com for information about sending concealed cash (at the senders own risk) and money orders. ^^

Donate here!Collapse )
We'll update you all with more detailed info as soon as we can, so make sure you join the community or follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates!

We will also be taking gift suggestions in our next post, so stay tuned!

Spread the word ^^! Please download and copy and paste the code to put this banner on your blog!

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13th-Jan-2011 04:46 pm - [NEW PROJECT] BooJaeDay Video!!
Helllllo everyone~

Haha it's like we're starting a trend with the videos x'DDD but we couldn't stand to leave Jaejoong out :D So here we are, making another project to collect videos to compile into one bday vid for our precious Jaejoong.

Like the other times, we're gonna try our hardest to try to reach Egg (@elbowyeish on twitter) to see if he can give it to JYJ to see :) But there's no guarantee it'll work. BUT we're doing this to just show our support for Jaejoong, right? Right.

For this video,we're going to have to be a bit stricter on the guidelines so it'll be easier for the editor (@rawrboysmode on twitter) to work her magic keke.


13th-Jan-2011 12:46 pm - [Project] XiahDay - Finished Video~!

Here's the finished video for XiahDay! We know it's a bit late, but at least it's done ^^; Next time there's a project like this, we'll be sure to start ahead of time X'D

But! Pls do enjoy the hard work of Rawrboysmode@twitter :) She did a fantastic job at editing again~ So go give her a thank you if you have twitter hehe

Now, onto the awesome video <333

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