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CassieShinKi Shop

(I hope it's fine to post this here ToT)

I created CassieShinKi Shop for Cassies with editing skills to submit and buy they're own (t-shirt/hoodie) designs
Aside from t-shirts there are wristbands available! (Currently have Always Keep The Faith & YunJae wristbands. SAVE TVXQ and Jaejoong wristbands up for pre-order!)

How to submit a design (you can also use the submit option)

Available in the shop:

As stated in the FAQ:
Q:If we submit a design do we get a t-shirt for free?

A:I can’t do that, it would be like I’m buying you a t-shirt, and imagine how many designs I would get. I will give you a discount of the shirt.

If it’s a wristband/button design(something that costs $5 and less) I will give the designer for free

click on faq for more info~ 
any questions? click on AskCheck out Customer Feedback for people who have already bought from the store!

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