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International Cassiopeia Projects
Projects from Cassies for Cassies
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Selling the Zipup design for $20+shipping!

Let me know if you're interested!

This is at a discounted price since I have an overstock of this item. The design is: 

22nd-Jul-2011 07:47 pm - CassieShinKi Shop
(I hope it's fine to post this here ToT)

I created CassieShinKi Shop for Cassies with editing skills to submit and buy they're own (t-shirt/hoodie) designs
Aside from t-shirts there are wristbands available! (Currently have Always Keep The Faith & YunJae wristbands. SAVE TVXQ and Jaejoong wristbands up for pre-order!)

How to submit a design (you can also use the submit option)

Available in the shop:

As stated in the FAQ:
Q:If we submit a design do we get a t-shirt for free?

A:I can’t do that, it would be like I’m buying you a t-shirt, and imagine how many designs I would get. I will give you a discount of the shirt.

If it’s a wristband/button design(something that costs $5 and less) I will give the designer for free

click on faq for more info~ 
any questions? click on AskCheck out Customer Feedback for people who have already bought from the store!

7th-May-2011 10:14 pm - [Update] Project White Ocean 2
l believe we have enough for 2000 white lightsticks for the NJ concert :D The next step is to order them - which we'll get to ASAP. 

However, there is now an issue with the handing out of the lightsticks. As I said before, we're definitely trying to get sections ABCDEF covered. 

So I need some help figuring something out...Does anyone know how many rows exactly are there in sections ABCDEF? And how many seats each row has?

Since PHL and Prudential Center refuse to help us with handing out these lightsticks, I came up with the idea of having volunteers from each row come some time BEFORE the concert to pick up the required number of sticks for their row...then they can hand it out once they're inside and seated. 

Any volunteers? :D We're definitely gonna try to get at least one person per row...So let me know if you're in sections ABCDEF and is willing to help hand these out. LET ME KNOW ONLY IF YOU'RE SERIOUS IN DOING THIS. 



ntlCassieProj and OneTVXQ would like to present to you another project for JYJ's New Jersey show  on May 22nd. We're attempting to do the White Ocean again BUT this time, we will be providing you guys with crackable white lightsticks :) For the time being, we're aiming to providing the lightsticks to the floor seats in the A B C sections. This would give the boys a clearer view of the White Ocean. However, IF we get more than enough donations, we will most likely buy enough lightsticks to provide to the other sections. 

To donate via Paypal, simply click on the button below :) 

Other methods of donations:
Money Order/Check/NYC meet ups - Pls email IntlCassieProject@gmail.com

  • DEADLINE: MAY 10th
  • Goal: ~$1000 USD (If we have more, we'll be providing more lightsticks)
  • More info will be released (how we will hand it out etc) closer to the date :)
  • We will be holding these lightsticks ONLY for In Heaven
  • The White Ocean for "In Heaven" represents purity and heaven, and it shows respect for Jaejoong friend, Park Yong Ha, to whom the song was written for.
24th-Apr-2011 11:02 pm - [ICP] Gifts for JYJ 2 - UPDATE!

It's been a while since we updated about this project...but I believe it's time for us to start actively endorsing it again (if anything, i think we're kind of pressed for time again LOL idk how we always end up rushing our projects D:) 

But I just wanted to update everyone that we're going to try our best to complete this project and make it just as successful as our last one, if not even better :)

  • DEADLINE: MAY 4TH - this gives us enough time to order things and package them together nicely for JYJ :)
  • We're going to TRY our best to provide food for JYJ + staff..but this is entirely dependable on how much we get in donations 
  • We're thinking of other projects along with this one so look out for more updates!!

Also, check out our previous Gifts For JYJ project to see just how successful it was :) 


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International Cassiopeia Projects


And please thank Zef (@rawrboysmode on Twitter) for making the MOST awesome video EVER.


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