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[Update] Project White Ocean 2

l believe we have enough for 2000 white lightsticks for the NJ concert :D The next step is to order them - which we'll get to ASAP. 

However, there is now an issue with the handing out of the lightsticks. As I said before, we're definitely trying to get sections ABCDEF covered. 

So I need some help figuring something out...Does anyone know how many rows exactly are there in sections ABCDEF? And how many seats each row has?

Since PHL and Prudential Center refuse to help us with handing out these lightsticks, I came up with the idea of having volunteers from each row come some time BEFORE the concert to pick up the required number of sticks for their row...then they can hand it out once they're inside and seated. 

Any volunteers? :D We're definitely gonna try to get at least one person per row...So let me know if you're in sections ABCDEF and is willing to help hand these out. LET ME KNOW ONLY IF YOU'RE SERIOUS IN DOING THIS. 
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